Annual Meeting Report

Update on the Manuscript Exchange Common Approach (MECA) Initiative


MODERATOR: Tony Alves Aries Systems North Andover, Massachusetts SPEAKERS: Joel Plotkin CEO, eJournalPress Rockville, Maryland Eric Hall Sr Product Manager HighWire Press Los Gatos, California Caroline Webber Sr Business Systems Analyst Aries Systems North Andover, Massachusetts REPORTER: Katie Murphy Caroline Webber, Sr Business Systems Analyst, Aries Systems, spoke about real-world use cases for Manuscript Exchange Common Approach (MECA) on Aries’ online submission and peer review tracking system, Editorial Manager. The common problem that this initiative is addressing is the need to have manuscripts transferred from one online submission system to another because of the growing interest within publishing organizations to keep research papers “in-house” while still using the different submission systems employed by publishers. In addition, there is a related issue that MECA addresses which is that authors and reviewers duplicate effort when a paper is rejected from one journal, and then submitted to a different journal. MECA also addresses the rise of preprint servers and the need to transfer papers between preprint servers and submission systems. The goal of MECA is to give journals a seamless process to transfer manuscripts between various systems with minimal requirements regarding what data is transferred. Webber also discussed how to package the communications in a .zip file with various xml files and source files, with the goal of identifying the sources and passing the information from one submission system to another for peer review. Joel Plotkin, CEO of eJournal Press, discussed how MECA created a set of best practices out of what is […]

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