Call for Submissions

Check this space regularly for periodic Calls for Submissions from the editors of Science Editor. Suggestions for submissions and new topics or areas of interest are always welcome at 

For a description of article types of interest, please see our Information for Authors page.

Article submissions should be ~700 – 2200 words, and figures, tables, and references are strongly encouraged. Presubmission inquiries and proposals are welcome, and editors are glad to work with you in shaping your manuscript. Once accepted, articles are published Early Online and scheduled for a specific issue. Please address all submissions and questions to

NEW: The Editors are excited to announce a new feature called Origin Stories. From the Science Editor interview series and talking with colleagues, it’s clear that there is no one path to a career or role in scientific editing and publishing. For some, it’s a deliberate choice and for others, it’s serendipity that led us to where we are, and we think you may have some interesting stories to share of the twists and turns along the way. Whether you are a full-time editing/publishing professional or a academic editor, if you have a compelling story to tell, please email your Origin Story to If you know someone who may have an interesting story, CSE member or not, please share this with them and encourage them to submit.

Stories should be filled with as many details as you’re comfortable sharing and fall between 200-500 words. Editors will review all submissions and may provide feedback and edits as needed. For inclusion in the March 2023 Career Special Issue, please submit your Origin Story by February 10, 2023; however, we may consider this for an ongoing feature if we receive enough submissions and we will accept submissions past that deadline.