Annual Meeting Report

Mentoring of Journal Authors and Reviewers


MODERATOR: Emilie Gunn Managing Editor ASCO Alexandria, Virginia SPEAKERS: Ashley Ketelhut Managing Editor ASCO Alexandria, Virginia Justin Schreiber Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania REPORTER: Liz Haberkorn American Pharmacists Association Washington, DC This insightful discussion provided opinions and advice on the benefits and challenges of the mentor–mentee relationship between editors and journal authors or reviewers. The experienced speakers Ashley Ketelhut and Justin Schrieber, and moderator Emilie Gunn presented and examined many challenges and provided some solutions. Perhaps the best way to tackle the mentorship of authors and reviewers is by relying on your previous experiences with managing people. As a former teacher, Gunn pointed out that “learning to manage middle schoolers has helped with the management of adults.” Good teachers must know students well and how to motivate them on an individual level. In the same way, a mentor must become familiar with the mentee’s goals, but unlike a teacher, the mentor should not decide the goals for the mentee. A mentor must know the mentee’s strengths and weaknesses and should “prompt action” and thought within the mentee. Mentees usually arrive with a working knowledge of their own that can be developed and, under proper mentorship, will flourish. Mentorship is a two-way street. The mentor has work to do, too; they must figure out what questions to ask and what to provide by way of encouragement. They must assess what it is the mentee needs from the mentoring relationship in order for it to […]

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