Publication History

From CBE Newsletter to Science Editor and beyond

When the Council of Science Editors began life in 1957 as the Conference of Biology Editors (CBE), their publication, CBE Newsletter, was a simple mimeographed & stapled pamphlet distributed “at no regular intervals but whenever some material of interest to members is ready and timely” (quoted in Tacker, CBE Views: A Look Back). Over time as the council matured and grew, the publication has become a full-featured scholarly journal first as CBE Views in 1978 and finally becoming Science Editor in 2000 to reflect the Council’s expanded scope and new name. In 2016, the new launched, significantly improving time to publication and growing Science Editor‘s online presence. Today, Science Editor is one of the premier print and online publications serving as a “forum for the exchange of information and ideas among professionals concerned with publishing in the sciences.”

Editors of the CBE NewsletterCBE Views, & Science Editor

CBE Newsletter

  • 1959-1962           Fred R Cagle
  • 1963-1969           Robert E Gordon
  • 1969-1974           Karl Heumann
  • 1975                         David Frost
  • 1975-1978           Bernard Forscher

CBE Views

  • 1978-1979           Bernard Forscher
  • 1979-1980           Evelyn S Myers
  • 1981                         Margaret Broadbent
  • 1981-1986           Stephen R Geiger
  • 1987-1991           Gisella Pollock
  • 1991-1993           Sharon Boots
  • 1993-1994           Alan Brush
  • 1994-1998           Martha M Tacker
  • 1998-1999           Barbara Gastel

Science Editor

  • 2000-2010           Barbara Gastel
  • 2010-2011           Rebecca Benner
  • 2011                        Teresa Melcher
  • 2012-2014           Patty Baskin
  • 2015-2018           Tracey DePellegrin
  • 2018 –                       Jonathan Schultz