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The AMA Manual of Style: Updates and Sneak Peaks of the 11th Edition


MODERATOR: Stacy Christiansen Managing Editor JAMA Chicago, Illinois SPEAKERS: Stacy Christiansen Managing Editor JAMA Chicago, Illinois Annette Flanagin Executive Managing Editor and Vice President of Editorial Operations JAMA Network Chicago, Illinois Cheryl Iverson Managing Editor (retired) JAMA Network Chicago, Illinois REPORTER: Amanda Hand University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture Knoxville, Tennessee In 2019, the AMA Manual of Style will be unveiling its 11th edition. Therefore, three members from the AMA Manual of Style Committee highlighted recent updates and gave a sneak peek of the upcoming edition, including changes in references, formatting tables and figures, grammar, nomenclature, corrections and pervasive errors, authorship, data sharing statements, and updates to guidance about ethical review of research and informed consent. For references, the publisher location will no longer be required due to many publishers having multiple locations. Additionally, the availability of books via online retailers make the physical location of publication unnecessary. Secondly, although DOIs and URLs will remain the last item in a citation, they will no longer be followed by a period in order to easily copy and paste the link. Finally, the references chapter in the new edition will include updated guidelines for social media references, preprints, apps, podcasts, databases, and other digital references. While tables and figures were previously formatted to capitalize all major words in column and axis headings, tables and figures will now be formatted to sentence-style capitalization for all headings. Moreover, all table cells will be left aligned. Recently, the Chicago Manual of Style and the AP […]

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