Annual Meeting Report

Streamlining the Process—What’s Worked


MODERATOR: Michele Springer Principal Medical Editor Caudex New York, New York SPEAKERS: Michael Lederman Editor-in-Chief Pathogens and Immunity Case Western Reserve University Cleveland, Ohio Brit Stamey Copyediting Services Coordinator J&J Editorial, LLC Cary, North Carolina Dawit Tegbaru Managing Editor American Society for Radiation Oncology Arlington, Virginia REPORTER: Daniel Nadolny American Cancer Society Atlanta, Georgia Dr Michael Lederman’s presentation focused on the various ways in which his relatively new journal streamlined their submissions process, with the stated goal of “making life easier” for contributing scientists. He began by recounting the vast number of biomedical journals currently in operation, and the enormous breadth of content in which clinical and scientific interests can be researched. In Dr Lederman’s view, authors are the engines driving scientific research (and represent the true “constituency” of any publication) but are poorly served by difficult journal policies and practices. He identified several of the problems they face: onerous and unclear submission processes, slow pace of review, lengthy time to publication, fees, lack of access to content, and “overall anxiety of academic life.” Dr Lederman described how he and his colleagues addressed these issues in their field by starting a journal. He approached his dean with the idea, obtained funding, and worked to identify a qualified and dependable group of editors along with a strong managing editor. He outlined policies and procedures (utilizing ideas in place by established, successful journals and some novel approaches unique to this journal) and persuaded noted researchers in his field to serve as associate […]

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