Annual Meeting Report

Funding Mandates: Looking at Plan S and Beyond


MODERATOR: Carolyn de Court Senior Managing Editor J&J Editorial Cary, North Carolina SPEAKERS: Angela Cochran Managing Director and Publisher American Society of Civil Engineers Reston, Virginia David Weinreich Director of Public Affairs STM REPORTER: Chris Reid Executive Publisher Oxford University Press New York, New York Angela Cochran began the session with an overview of Plan S, outlining the coalition’s birth from frustrations with the slow move to Open Access (OA) publishing, and then moved on to describe Plan S’s value statement and who currently makes up the coalition. Here she shared the more recent news that Sweden has pulled out of implementing Plan S, as might United Kingdom Research Innovation, stressing some concerns about the plan and its implementation. She also highlighted the work the collation is doing with other funders and the current lack of traction it is getting. Cochran indicated that it is unclear exactly how many papers Plan S will cover, but the best estimate is around 3% of the market.1 From this, she highlighted that the countries with the largest research outputs have not joined the coalition (e.g., US, China, Germany). Cochran then outlined the key principles of the plan and that currently 85% of journals are not compliant with these principles, including many Gold OA titles. The key points from the implementation guide to compliance were highlighted, including the following: OA journals should be in the Directory of Open Access Journals Option for a Creative Commons license (CC-BY) Full text XML should be in the […]

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