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Book Reviews: The Copyeditor’s Handbook and The Copyeditor’s Workbook


The Copyeditor’s Handbook: A Guide for Book Publishing and Corporate Communications, 4th ed. Amy Einsohn and Marilyn Schwartz. Oakland, CA: University of California Press; 2019. 568 pages. ISBN 978-0-520-28672-6. The Copyeditor’s Workbook: Exercises and Tips for Honing Your Editorial Judgment. Erika Bűky, Marilyn Schwartz, and Amy Einsohn. Oakland, CA: University of California Press; 2019. 384 pages. ISBN 978-0-520-29435-6. Although the basic content of copyediting has long remained much the same, the process has changed greatly over the past 2 decades, as editing has become almost entirely electronic. The Copyeditor’s Handbook, which first appeared in 2000 and has long been a valuable resource for science editors, has evolved accordingly. In particular, the recently published fourth edition offers more instruction on electronic aspects of editing while retaining previous editions’ extensive guidance in editing for mechanics and publication style. In addition, whereas the first 3 editions incorporated exercises, the fourth has a companion workbook instead. The new edition and accompanying workbook also have additional authors. Amy Einsohn, a longtime editor and editing teacher, was the sole author of the first 3 editions, the most recent of which appeared in 2011. After Einsohn died in 2014, Marilyn Schwartz, who was Einsohn’s editor at the University of California Press, proceeded with updates, drawing in part on notes Einsohn bequeathed. Erika Bűky, an editor who had worked at the Press, joined her in preparing the workbook, which contains many new exercises as well as those already in the handbook. Thus, Schwartz now is co-author of the […]

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