Annual Meeting Report

Science Editor Symposium: Reproducibility & Reporting Guidelines


MODERATOR: Jonathan Schultz Editor, Science Editor Director Journal Operations American Heart Association Baltimore, Maryland SPEAKERS: Sarah Brooks Interim Associate Editor American Journal of Political Science Professor The Ohio State University Columbus, Ohio Sowmya Swaminathan Head of Editorial Policy Nature Research Berkeley, California Hashi Wijayatilake Managing Editor PLOS Biology REPORTER: Dana Compton Editorial Director American Society of Civil Engineers Reston, Virginia The topic of this year’s Science Editor Symposium at the Council of Science Editors (CSE) Annual Meeting was “Reproducibility & Reporting Guidelines.” Speakers in this session described new initiatives their journals and organizations are taking to help ensure the research they publish is rigorous, accessible, and reproducible. As described in a feature article in this issue of Science Editor, Dr Sowmya Swaminathan gave an excellent summary of the Nature Research journals’ experience with reproducibility initiatives such as checklists for transparent reporting, peer review of code, and registered reports. If you haven’t yet read the article Dr Swaminathan authored with her colleagues, “Three Approaches to Support Reproducible Research,” I highly encourage you to do so. We learned during the session at the CSE meeting, as one would expect, that different journals are taking different approaches to these issues. Perhaps the most stringent and thorough policy is the American Journal of Political Science (AJPS) Verification Policy, described to the audience by Dr Sarah Brooks, AJPS Editor. AJPS is a high-impact journal, ranked at the top of the list of 50 highest-impact political science journals. Efforts toward replicability and verification became a focus […]

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