Annual Meeting Report

Managing Conflict of Interest Disclosure—Where Are We Going?


MODERATOR: Sofia Dorsano World Allergy Organization Milwaukee, Wisconsin SPEAKERS: Sabina Alam Taylor and Francis Group Abingdon, United Kingdom Patrick Hannon New England Journal of Medicine Boston, Massachusetts Dina Michels American Society of Clinical Oncology Alexandria, Virginia REPORTER: Andrea Kunz Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer Milwaukee, Wisconsin Addressing the growing concern about competing interest transparency among authors, reviewers, and editors is a resource challenge for journals. The CSE 2019 Annual Meeting session “Managing Conflict of Interest Disclosure—Where Are We Going?” identified common challenges in conflict disclosures and provided a platform for attendees to consider opportunities for harmonizing the process. The session began with Dina Michels identifying how challenging it can be for authors to disclose all applicable financial relationships. Noting that a lack of disclosure standards can make an author’s or editor’s task more difficult, time-consuming, and open to errors, she emphasized the importance of developing a common disclosure framework that standardizes categories, definitions, questions, and timeframes. It was also stressed that, as an issue that extends beyond journal-related activity, development of best disclosure practices is a shared responsibility. She stated that having a clear, transferable framework across platforms can make the process easier for all involved. It was noted that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Open Payments program,1 which was developed in order to promote greater transparency of financial relationships between health care providers and applicable conflicting companies, has become a common source for finding information about payments to US physicians. When comparing information self-disclosed by an […]

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