Annual Meeting Report

Short Course for Manuscript Editors

Faculty: Elizabeth Blake Director of Business Development Inera Inc. Belmont, Massachusetts Stacy Christiansen Managing Editor JAMA Chicago, Illinois Annette Flanagin Executive Managing Editor JAMA and The JAMA Network Chicago, Illinois Peter J. Olson Senior Copyediting Coordinator Sheridan Journal Services Waterbury, Vermont Reporter: Resa Roth Freelance Editor University of Washington Yeast Resource Center Seattle, Washington Editors with diverse backgrounds opted to take the Short Course for Manuscript Editors. Attendees’ jobs included editorial assistant, managing editor, and manuscript editor, among others; employers included the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), various journals, universities, and many more. Attendees came from all regions of the United States and Africa to participate in this course. The presenters’ cumulative years in the scholarly publishing industry enabled them to speak to many scenarios and offer targeted advice. The course comprised both broad and specific concepts—from ethical dilemmas to use of shortcuts in Microsoft Word. Moreover, it was the perfect opportunity to interface with peers on a smaller scale and learn about how certain organizations handle specific publishing topics. Word Tips The course started off by highlighting some manuscript editing best practices, for both copyediting and technical processes. Elizabeth Blake explained how Word shortcuts and customizations can help editors achieve higher-quality outcomes. This course focused on the Word 2010 application; however, other versions and the Mac versions were also covered. Throughout her presentation, Blake emphasized how helpful it is to customize Word applications: not only the Quick Access […]

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