Gatherings of an Infovore*

News about Journals Many Science Editor readers are involved in journal publishing, and by extension many are involved in publicizing their journals—be it through a formal media organization or their own efforts to get important papers to the right people in the press. For this column, I’m turning our attention to what people in the press are saying about journals. Certainly our own industry publications (such as Science Editor, the Scholarly Kitchen, PSP Links . . ., and NFAIS Advances, to name a few) cover important advances as well as current controversies. I find it interesting to see how our industry is perceived by those reporting on how we go about the act—or art (or business)—of journal publishing. What follows is a collection of news stories from different sources touching on several long-standing concerns as well as new challenges about which we in journal publishing need to know. If I’ve done my job well you should find a new nugget of information, or perhaps even two nuggets, about the most recent press coverage of the 350-year-old business of journal publishing. MECA—A new manuscript exchange initiative         Two studies suggest trouble ahead for paywall journals “Almost half” of recent research papers now open access. Extent of freely accessible literature could “tip the scales” for libraries to cancel subscription packages, says study Soon, nobody will read academic journals illegally, because the studies worth reading will be free   Spotlight on Peer Review Peer review 2030: […]

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