Hiring and Training Copy Editors for Scholarly Publishing

Hiring a new copy editor is one of the most challenging and rewarding parts of my job. The decision to make a new hire is usually determined by the exit of an existing staff person, but may also be driven by the need to keep up with a constant influx of new submissions. After securing official approval to add to my staff, the next step is to craft an ad to attract candidates with the right qualifications. This step can be surprisingly difficult. A good job ad must be more than just a list of required education and years of experience. It should give potential applicants a sense of the kind of working environment they can expect if they are hired, not only what is expected of them. It’s a lot like dating: you wouldn’t get very far if your dating profile simply listed all the things you want in a potential mate. You must also give a sense of the kind of person you are, what you enjoy, and how you express yourself. Potential matches should not be caught unawares, to meet up for a first date and feel you are not at all the person they expected. Likewise, if applicants have a sense of our company culture and working environment, they are better able not only to tailor their application materials to the specific position they are applying for, but also to understand what they are getting into. Finding qualified copy editors is not easy. Few people outside […]

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