On Location, It’s a Take!

Lighting was set, reflecting screen in place, camera on its tripod, music playing. Alec Tremaine Photography was on site at the 2017 Council of Science Editors (CSE) conference in San Diego and ready to roll with attendee portraits. After a successful run at the Denver conference in 2016, Alec Tremaine, owner of the 7-year-old company, was a known entity to many attendees. That year, Alec was the star of many conversations, including chats at award luncheon tables. His demeanor, style, and ability to make his subjects feel comfortable were much appreciated. Alec aims to provide for his clients “something that truly depicts them. We wanted to leave them with more of an experience, not just a photo—that it’s enjoyable.” Music is always part of his photo shoot. “I will have them choose their music if they’re more nervous. If they control their music, they have something special for them” personally. Left to Alec, the music is an upbeat selection because on site, “you need a little beat in the background.” Alec’s company specializes in on-location photography, and the 2016 CSE conference was “the first time we took our approach to a conference experience,” Alec says. CSE’s Tim Bennett had seen Alec Tremaine Photography online at and contacted Alec through Head Shot, of New York, Alec explains. “Tim asked whether we’d be interested to take the job.” To a location, Alec and his coworker, Sean Carroll, bring their own equipment, fitting it in three large bags. “We can do it […]

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