Enrolling Brazilian Editors in CSE’s Certificate Program: A Successful Initiative

Brazil ranks 24th among countries that publish the most in high-impact journals, according to Nature Index.1 This fact highlights the potential for scientific production in the country. However, the dissemination of research data is unfortunately not always the main motivation behind this production. Many authors publish to strengthen their chances of receiving support from funding agencies or to advance in their academic careers (or both) and consequently focus on increasing their number of published articles to the detriment of quality. This attitude may result in selecting a journal for each manuscript according to subjective criteria, such as the time between submission and publication. Given these factors, some institutions in Brazil have come to believe the process of disseminating their scientific output can be accelerated by creating their own journals. Although estimating the number of Brazilian scientific journals is difficult, it is known to be quite large. According to the Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia (Ibict)—the local institution responsible for ISSN registration—the number of Brazilian journals exceeds 20,000. However, few of them achieve an international standard, and some do not publish longer than a few years. The Table shows a small number of Brazilian journals found in some relevant directories, platforms, and associations. Location? Number of Brazilian Journals Listed OJS (Br)2 1,800 Directory of Open Access Journals3 1,021 Scopus4 448 SciELO Brasil5 358 ABEC Brasil6 337 Redalyc7 240 WOS/JCR8 129 Being indexed in relevant international platforms became the “quality seal” for a Brazilian journal, making it a high-priority […]

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