Annual Meeting Report

Short Course on Journal Metrics

REPORTER: Carissa A. Gilman Managing Editor, Cancer Offered every other year since 2009, the Short Course on Journal Metrics was created by past CSE president Angela Cochran to be a deep dive into the different kinds of data available to publication managers and what can be done with them. Cochran, Director of Journals for the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), began the day with introductions and a discussion about the importance of data in making informed decisions and influencing the behavior of stakeholders. She pointed out that publishers and journal managers are no longer the only stakeholders interested in publication metrics. More and more, authors are seeking out metrics to evaluate the impact of their work and justify the need for funding. Because publishers already collect some of this data, journal editorial offices can now explore providing more metrics to authors as an enhanced suite of services. Cochran first turned the podium over to Jason Roberts of Origin Editorial for one of the fundamental sessions of the day—Editorial Office Metrics. But this was not a simple explanation of how to pull the standard reports on submissions, acceptance rates, and turnaround times. Roberts challenged attendees to take their reports to the next level and apply best research practices and statistical principles to the collection, analysis, and presentation of data. He emphasized that reporting a metric is not enough. One also needs context, detail, measurements of variance, and comparisons. Roberts also stressed that data presentation is often overlooked even though it […]

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