Annual Meeting Report

Open Access Monographs: Perspectives and Approaches

MODERATOR: Michael Friedman Journals Production Manager American Meteorological Society Boston, Massachusetts SPEAKERS: Jason Colman Director, Michigan Publishing Services University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan Robert Prior Executive Editor MIT Press Cambridge, Massachusetts Michael Friedman REPORTER: Michael Friedman To quote a Scholarly Kitchen blog post from May 2016, “… the [open access] monograph is very much with us now and… is almost certainly going to be a bigger part of scholarly communications in the next few years.” There are many ways to organize, approach, and implement this type of publication. This session examined the landscape of open access (OA) monographs from several different perspectives, and described some publishers’ approaches in publishing them. The session started with a brief introduction by the moderator reinforcing the fact that the OA movement is strong and growing, and pointed out that this type of research output is the primary product in the humanities and social sciences. The many different funding and organizational models for producing OA monographs were also briefly described and led to three questions for the speakers to address: 1) What does this landscape look like now and how is it evolving? 2) How do various players, especially university and society publishers, approach the task of publishing OA monographs? 3) How does a publisher actually implement the publication of OA monograph? Robert Prior started by giving a brief history of why OA is important in the sciences, going back to the Budapest Open Access Initiative in 2002. He contrasted the different approaches that […]

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