Annual Meeting Report

An Inside Look at Elsevier

At the 2017 CSE Annual Meeting, Elsevier hosted a group discussion at its San Diego office with a small group of students and young professionals attending the meeting. Thirteen employees at Elsevier spent an hour answering the group’s questions, giving the inside scoop on what it is like to work for one of the largest companies in scholarly publishing. Those employees’ positions included content editor, training team lead, editorial project manager, product manager, and various positions in productions, acquisitions, and community engagement. Several of the employees mentioned that they enjoy working with scientists and doing something that really matters. Several began far from scholarly publishing, with degrees in English, English literature, and journalism. The meeting began with an overview of Elsevier’s background. Founded in 1880, Elsevier’s headquarters are in Amsterdam, though there are offices in 77 countries around the world. A leading publisher, Elsevier currently publishes approximately 16 percent of the world’s published research data and articles, with 1 billion scientific articles in its repositories. Despite this, Elsevier considers itself an information analytics company more than a publisher. It has been working to help doctors, scientists, and funders “solve problems to benefit humanity” by suggesting the best things for them to read, search, and do. These suggestions address the top problems scientists are facing, such as which research questions are the most vital. Elsevier has been working on a project to create free “topic pages” on ScienceDirect, an online database of scientific, technical, and medical research articles. These pages provide […]

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