Annual Meeting Report

Early Career Roundtable Discussion

Moderators and participants in the Early Career Roundtable discussion enjoyed breakfast one morning during the 2017 Council of Science Editors Annual Meeting while discussing both changes to and opportunities in science publishing. The discussion not only focused on the goals of each participant but also addressed the overall workflow and management of journals within the science editing community. Three moderators facilitated the discussion: Erin McMullin, Executive Director at Kaufman Wills Fusting & Company; Merete Holtermann, Managing Editor of The Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association; and Shari Leventhal, Managing Editor of the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. The moderators began by introducing themselves including the journals where they work and the services they provide. They represented a wide variety of careers in the science editing field and had years of experience from which they were able to draw to answer to the participants’ questions. All of the moderators were hopeful about the future in scholarly publishing even though it is a quickly changing field. They focused on the opportunities that more advanced technology and increased mobility have on scholarly editors and publishers and gave advice regarding new opportunities in scholarly publishing. Participants in the discussion included students and early-career professionals looking for more information about job opportunities or how to make the most of their current jobs. Additionally, there were participants who were contemplating a career change and were interested in learning more about scholarly editing and publishing. This diversity prompted discussions about the flexibility available in […]

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