Annual Meeting Report

Pain Points for International Authors

MODERATOR: Jennifer Deyton Senior Partner, J&J Editorial, LLC Cary, North Carolina SPEAKERS: Clarinda Cerejo Editor-in-Chief Editage Insights Editage, Cactus Communications Mumbai, India Bryan Hamman Freelance, Research Affairs Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University Khon Kaen, Thailand Julie Nash Senior Partner J&J Editorial, LLC Cary, North Carolina REPORTER: Jennifer Deyton Senior Partner, J&J Editorial, LLC Cary, North Carolina Clarinda Cerejo presented empirical data obtained from an extensive survey of international authors on pain points for researchers. Cerejo addressed author perspectives on what is broken in the academic publishing process using empirical data collected from 5293 respondents organized by survey language, profile, and country. Cerejo was able to use the data to answer relevant questions: What do authors struggle with most? What aspects of manuscript preparation are most difficult? Where do authors seek help during the publishing process? How do authors chose a journal for their manuscript? Cerejo’s presentation can be downloaded here. Bryan Hamman is a professional ESL copy editor focused on science, technology, engineering, and medicine (STEM) Asian authors. He offered great insight in language barriers and the anatomy of the paper and some great tips for publishers, editorial offices, and Editors-in-Chief regarding author guidelines. Bryan focused on the impact culture has on the perception of plagiarism. He discussed the cultures and languages of Southeast Asia that are distinct, although Thai and Laotian are related. All of the languages use phonetic alphabets, but only Vietnamese uses Roman letters—the other languages are based on Sanskrit characters, which may not be obvious. […]

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