Annual Meeting Report

Short Course for Manuscript Editors

FACULTY: Elizabeth Blake Director of Business Development Inera Inc. Belmont, Massachusetts Stacy Christiansen Managing Editor JAMA Chicago, Illinois Annette Flanagin Executive Managing Editor JAMA and the JAMA Network Chicago, Illinois Tom Lang Tom Lang Communications and Training International Kirkland, Washington Peter J Olson Senior Copyediting Coordinator Sheridan Journal Services Waterbury, Vermont REPORTER: Stacy Christiansen Attendees of the 2018 CSE Short Course for Manuscript Editors came from all over the United States as well as from South America. There were two dozen attendees from a variety of backgrounds, primarily writing and editing disciplines in biomedical or earth science, and from academic, publishing, and industry settings. Word Tips The short course opened with a session by Elizabeth Blake called “Microsoft Word Tips for Manuscript Editors.” She noted that scholarly authors typically create documents in Word and thus that is the software editors primarily use. Blake talked about using Word to clean up and format documents. She explained how editors can use Word to convert text to tables and vice versa. One of the most popular parts of Blake’s session was demonstrating useful shortcuts to help editors with formatting. Another helpful feature she demonstrated was the split screen, which facilitates comparison of different parts of the same document (e.g., to compare data in the abstract with those in the text). Blake also demonstrated tools useful for navigating and searching within a document. Blake showed attendees how to customize the spell-check dictionary and how to build a library of comments to embed author queries. […]

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