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It Takes a Village: A Strong Team Can Mitigate a Crisis

MODERATOR: Shari Leventhal Managing Editor American Society of Nephrology Washington, DC SPEAKERS: L Lee Hamm Senior Vice President and Dean of the School of Medicine and the James R. Doty Distinguished Professor and Chair Tulane University School of Medicine New Orleans, Louisiana Kenneth Heideman Director of Publications American Meteorological Society Boston, Massachusetts Sheehan Misko Director, Publications American Association for Clinical Chemistry Washington, DC Meagan Phelan Science Press Package Executive Director American Association for the Advancement of Science Washington, DC REPORTER: Kristen Hauck Assistant Managing Editor American Association for Clinical Chemistry Washington, DC We have all dealt with crises big and small over the course of our professional lives. The panelists for this session, moderated by Shari Leventhal, offered personal stories and shared some of the lessons they have learned from dealing with a variety of situations ranging from natural disasters to the dreaded retraction. L. Lee Hamm began by recounting the experience of being trapped with colleagues at Tulane University during Hurricane Katrina. Hamm and others spent 6 days waiting for help to arrive, and he shared 3 main takeaways from that experience. First, he said, know what is important. In this case, that was water, food, power, and security—all those things we take for granted were suddenly scarce. What if the elevators are out and you need to move patients between floors? Put your young, strong residents to work, it turns out. Second, communication is vitally important. What happens when your primary forms of communication—cell phone, email—are no longer […]

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