Annual Meeting Report

Extracting Maximum Value from the RFP Process

MODERATOR: Alison McGonagle-O’Connell Collaborative Knowledge “Coko” Foundation San Francisco, California SPEAKERS: Tom Beyer Director of Platform Services Sheridan PubFactory Boston, Massachusetts Dana Compton Senior Consultant KWF Consulting Fairfax Station, Virginia Amy McPherson Director of Publications and Managing Editor Botanical Society of America Saint Louis, Missouri REPORTER: Alison McGonagle-O’Connell At the 2018 CSE Annual Meeting, 3 RFP “experts,” each intimately familiar with different roles within the process, shared unique perspectives with one another, as well as with the audience of over 60 session attendees. The result was a lively discussion among presenters and a spirited Q&A following the presentation and discussion. First, Amy McPherson, Director of Publications at the Botanical Society of America, shared her experiences issuing an RFP from the smaller society perspective. Small societies may issue RFPs for services including publishing or technology partnerships, peer review systems, or publishing platform services. These decisions may go through committees with members from many different backgrounds with differing ideas, and for this reason Amy highlighted the potential need for change management before beginning the process. “Change is hard!” said McPherson. Without having all stakeholders on board, and in agreement with what the problem is, and why a particular solution is important, the RFP process with a multi-stakeholder committee may be very long and difficult. “Don’t go it alone,” said McPherson, who recommends engaging those with experience, including consultant organizations, to help keep the process moving forward. Next, Dana Compton, Senior Consultant at KWF Consulting talked about the role of a consultant […]

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