Pam Goldberg Smith: Editorial Assistant

Coffee in hand, I sit at my work desk every morning to sift through emails from across the world: a lab project completed in Israel, editors’ instructions from Kentucky, reviewer inquiries out of Sweden. If I’m careless, some of the dark, liquid caffeine drops on my clothing. It’s no matter. Instead of formal business attire, I’m relaxing at home in a pair of jeans. A work-at-home editorial assistant may not be the most noteworthy occupation, but the position didn’t simply fall in my lap. I worked hard to get here and will continue to work hard to help, even in some small measure. I attended the Pennsylvania State University during a time when the waning newspaper industry made me think twice about pursuing journalism. Instead, I majored in English with a minor in history. Some might consider it a soft, liberal arts education. However, I recognized that mastering the intricacies of language and communication, as well as placing value on historical knowledge, advances society. This decision to focus on liberal arts also greatly benefited me as it kept many doors open for future endeavors. After graduation, I relocated to Baltimore, where I accepted a position as an executive assistant for a business that specialized in helping other small- and medium-sized companies grow. I’d answer calls and schedule appointments for lawyers, accept mail on behalf of therapists, and greet the clients of a multitude of businesses in a professional downtown location. It felt like a great risk at the time, but […]

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