Interview with Maisha Miles, Managing Editor

As mBio’s managing editor, Maisha Miles is the backbone of the journal’s editorial office. Maisha not only oversees day-to-day operations and manages the peer-review process and editorial staff but also functions as the editor-in-chief’s “right hand,” developing and implementing content strategy, upholding editorial policy, and creating and maintaining productive relationships with authors, reviewers, and editors. Maisha earned a liberal arts degree at Virginia Tech, with concentrations in English, communications, and Black studies. She loved to read and write poetry and short stories and aspired to a career in magazine publishing in New York City. After graduation, reality hit and Maisha faced student loan obligations that brought her home to Washington, DC, searching for a job she hoped with some publishing aspect that she could translate into a long-term career. So how did she end up at the helm of a successful open-access journal? I had the opportunity to speak with Maisha about her career path, the highs and lows she has encountered, and her advice for success. DC: How did your career path lead you to where you are today? MM: I found a position as a receptionist at a radiation protection company that published manuals but quickly found that what editing work was available would not become a part of my responsibilities. I began searching for an editing job and applied to a copy editor position at the American Geophysical Union (AGU). AGU didn’t think I was qualified for the editor job but offered me a publications secretary position, […]

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