Interview with MaryKate Sullivan, Journal Manager

Name: MaryKate Sullivan Title: Journal Manager Company: Elsevier Years in current position: about 1½ When I have a question about an article in production, I turn to MaryKate Sullivan. From copyediting to typesetting to proofing, MaryKate coordinates the process that turns sets of accepted manuscripts into published journal issues. What follows are excerpts from my conversation with her about her role as a journal manager for Elsevier. MKB: How would you describe your role and what you do? MKS: I’m a journal manager, which means I receive manuscripts and am in charge of shepherding them through production until they are published online and in print. I work with authors, editorial offices, and internal colleagues to make sure that process happens smoothly. MKB: How many different journals do you manage? MKS: Right now I have two journals. That is pretty typical. Elsevier really tries to determine how much time individual journals will take up in your day, assign a balanced workload, and make sure you have enough time to spend with each journal. MKB: How long have you been in the field? MKS: Almost 4 years. MKB: How did you end up in this role? MKS: When I was first out of graduate school, I felt a bit stuck: I had originally gone to get my master’s degree in English literature because I wanted to eventually become a professor and teach. Sometime during my two years in grad school, I decided I no longer wanted to teach and then I was […]

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