Interview with Michael Clarke, Consultant

Name: Michael Clarke Title: President Company: Clarke & Company Number of years in current position: 5 TD: You’re well known in the publishing sector. How did you end up in your role as a consultant? MC: Like just about everyone else in the industry, I wound up in STM and scholarly publishing by accident. I was in graduate school at the University of Chicago and knew I was interested in publishing. I was thinking about moving to New York, but before I did I fortunately stumbled into a position at the University of Chicago Press (UCP), which in those days was far ahead in terms of electronic publishing tools and technologies. UCP gave me an invaluable grounding in digital publishing that I still draw from today, though of course the technology has moved on. The leap into consulting was more recent, though it was a transition that I had been contemplating for some time. Since founding the firm nearly 5 years ago with my colleague Pam Harley, I have not looked back. It has been a rewarding experience. TD: What’s a typical day like for you? MC: I walk to the office most days unless I am traveling to meet with clients or to an industry event. I usually start the day with correspondence. Most days I have several phone calls. I often read about the death of the phone call but at our firm it is alive and well as I spend several hours a day on the phone. […]

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