Interview with Karl Broman, Academic Editor

Karl Broman is Professor, Department of Biostatistics & Medical Informatics, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Senior Editor, GENETICS journal, published by the Genetics Society of America; Academic Editor, PeerJ; and Member, BMC Biology Editorial Board. TAD: Karl! I have questions about genetics and questions about being an editor. So many questions! What’s a typical day like for you? I mean, one in which you’re performing both editorial duties and one in which you’re teaching or doing research. KB: I keep pretty regular hours, and I tend to get to campus early because my kids leave for school at 7:15. I try to keep meetings packed into particular days so that I can have longer blocks of time for data analysis, software development, writing, or just thinking. I also travel about once a month: to a scientific conference, to give a seminar, to visit collaborators, or to teach at a workshop. Editorial duties are unpredictable. I might see nothing in a week, or I may get five new manuscripts in a few days. I feel a sense of urgency, so I’ll try to fit in a quick read during the day. But I usually leave it to the end of the day or the evening to study more thoroughly, and I might not take action until the next morning. TAD: How would you explain your science to a layperson? Do you have an elevator pitch? KB: Saying “I’m a statistician” will close down a conversation pretty quickly. I tend to say that “I […]

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