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Two Roads Diverged: Career Paths in Scholarly Publishing


MODERATOR: Emma P. Shumeyko PNAS Washington, DC SPEAKERS: Midori Baer PLOS Falls Church, Virginia Jasmine Wallace American Society for Microbiology Washington, DC Michele E. Springer Caudex New York, New York Brian Coughlin Wiley Medford, Massachusetts REPORTER: Kesiah Stoker Ottawa, Canada The purpose of this session was to explore the variety of roles in scholarly publishing and discuss career development. Moderator Emma Shumeyko led a conversation among 4 experienced professionals: Midori Baer, Director of Publishing Operations at PLOS; Jasmine Wallace, Peer Review Manager at the American Society for Microbiology; Michele Springer, Editorial Manager at Caudex; and Brian Coughlin, Publisher at Wiley. The session began with Shumeyko asking the panel, “How did you find out about scholarly publishing? How did you get here?” The speakers acknowledged that they mostly “fell” into the industry, coming from journalism, freelance editing, teaching, and other types of publishing, searching for a career that aligned with their skills and interests. Those that started out in nonfiction book publishing and newspaper publishing switched to scholarly publishing because of the pace of the environment and the ability to track deliverables. However, it can be difficult to figure out a career path within scholarly publishing without finding a mentor or exploring new opportunities. Several of the speakers have transitioned from production to editorial roles over the course of their careers. This created valuable discussion, as these different parts of scholarly publishing often function in silos, making such career transitions challenging. Brian Coughlin suggested that to facilitate connections between these silos, […]

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