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Science Editor to Change to a Quarterly Publication

Sources of information for CSE members are many and include the Internet, blogs, and social media. Starting with this issue, Science Editor will be published on a quarterly rather than bimonthly basis. The print issue continues to be valuable as a source of research about our field and of in-depth features on trends, new technologies, notable people, and ethical issues. Quarterly publication will allow the editor ample time to seek out the best material for CSE members. The editor will also continue to pursue the goal of publishing evidence-based research on peer review in the sciences and biomedicine. Subjects of interest include editing, scientific misconduct, conflicts of interest, editorial-office management and systems, and publishing innovations. If you are conducting such research and are interested in publishing your material, please contact the editor at csescienceeditor@gmail.com. Other submissions of special interest to the CSE membership are also encouraged.

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