Annual Meeting Report

Keynote Address: Improving Openness and Reproducibility in Scholarly Communication


SPEAKER: Brian Nosek Executive Director Center for Open Science Charlottesville, Virginia REPORTER: Peter J Olson Senior Copyediting Coordinator KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. Waterbury, Vermont   “I am delighted to not be with you all today!” The smile on Brian Nosek’s face revealed the irony behind his opening quip. Speaking from his home office in Charlottesville, Dr Nosek was about to deliver the Keynote Address for the first-ever virtual annual meeting in CSE’s history, which was commencing at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The inference of his remark, of course, was that his delight was inextricably entwined with his support of CSE’s effort to stem the spread of coronavirus by adapting to the “new normal” of virtual gatherings. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced professionals, organizations, and institutions of every sphere not only to envision new ways of accomplishing their goals, but also to reexamine the origin and even the integrity of those goals. In that sense, Nosek’s address had a fortuitous sense of pertinence about it. As Executive Director of the Center for Open Science, one of his primary missions is to close the gap between the altruistic tenets of the scientific process and the real-world research practices that are in disharmony with those tenets. Not unlike the voids created by the COVID-19 crisis, Nosek sees this gap between ideals and reality as an opportunity to institute behavioral changes within the scientific research culture by reinforcing the core values that the scientific community purports to uphold. The question, he said, is: […]

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