Recent Updates to the CSE White Paper


CSE’s White Paper on Promoting Integrity in Scientific Journal Publications was first published in 2006, and the full document was updated in 2009 and again in 2012. In 2018, the CSE Editorial Policy Committee (EPC) began making updates on a rolling basis as new sections are added and/or existing sections are updated to reflect new information or best practices. This updated method for amending the document allows for more rapid dissemination of its contents so that they can be put in to practice in journal office operations as quickly as possible. In this issue of Science Editor, the authors of this article aim to advise the readership of the most recent updates. We thank the members of the EPC (along with non-EPC members Carolyn deCourt, Darren Early, Monica Leigh, Megan McCarty, and Lindsey Struckmeyer) for their assistance with these updates. The full CSE White Paper is available online at 2.1 Editor Roles and Responsibilities (Jennifer Deyton) Editors fit into a unique role in the lifecycle of journal articles, acting as guides for the content and strategy as well as contributors to that content. They are integral to both to the strategy of the journal as a whole and the experience of authors, reviewers, and readers of the journal. They therefore have the responsibility to uphold the standards for that journal content and support the efforts of authors and reviewers. It is important to update the standards and ethical responsibilities for editors to ensure this process is confidential when needed, […]

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