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Workflow and Team Optimization for Editorial Services Within the United States Pharmacopeia


Abstract The Editorial Services Team at the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) supports the mission of USP by partnering with in-house scientific liaisons (SLs) to publish the highest quality documentary standards. We provide developmental reviews, copyediting and proofreading, quality checks, print and online production reviews, and quality and workload tracking for the general chapters, monographs, and reagents comprise USP our publications. Editorial Services management conducted a longitudinal study with the hypothesis that if substantive editorial reviews are performed earlier in the process, this would result in higher quality, less workload variability, and a reduction of deferrals and errata. This study evaluated the optimization of the team along a task-based staffing model, replacing the previous publication-based model, and identified methods to continuously improve author support. A series of qualitative surveys were conducted to aggregate staff skills and engagement with specific segments of the editorial process. We reviewed the results, then piloted and implemented several new processes. In addition, we removed duplicate steps in the workflow and created more focused workflow stages, such as developmental review and quality control. The results of this study are impactful for both internal and external stakeholders. The workflow is more streamlined and accurate, with more robust, specific work instructions and checklists to ensure that we consistently publish high quality content. This new workflow strengthens ties with authors by providing more support during early monograph development and streamlines file handoff. It also allows for more focused scientific peer review, removing the correction of minor grammatical errors and structural […]

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