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On behalf of our Editorial Board and the Science Editor Redesign Task Force, we hope you enjoy our newly designed online and print versions. CSE’s membership includes leaders in scientific and academic editing and publishing, and we want to reflect best practices in all the ways we interact with members and others.

Because effective design isn’t just a matter of tinkering with fonts and images, we partnered with Windmill Design (who conceived and created the new CSE logo and website in 2014). More than just updating the aesthetics, our process meant creating a brand new website for the journal separate from the CSE site, fresh PDF designs, and revamped production workflows. Windmill understood the nuances of our audiences and the academic nature of our work and customized the Science Editor website and print design just for CSE.

The new look and feel of Science Editor are decidedly clean and modern. We’ve included interactivity (yes—we’re going to have polls!) and, with continuous publishing, frequent posting of new articles. We’ve added editorial board members and plan to expand content areas to serve our diverse membership. To complete our transformation, we’ve also launched a redesigned print version.

As scientific communicators of all stripes, we want our articles to be easy to find, read, and share. In this way, CSE can help its members to act as resources for our colleagues and communities. In fact, some articles will be made open access so that you can more easily share and discuss them with those outside of CSE. We will also tag all articles going forward (and we’ve retroactively tagged 6 years of our archive!), so you can search and browse by the topics you’re interested in today.

Finally, we’d like to thank the CSE Board of Directors for its unwavering support in this very important project.

Tell us what you think! We also invite you to submit original research papers for peer review as well as article ideas. To learn more about how you can contribute, contact us at

The Science Editor Redesign Task Force:

Patricia K Baskin, chair
Tony Alves
Tim Bennett
Lindsey S Buscher
Tracey A DePellegrin
Amanda Ferguson
Jonathan Schultz