Annual Meeting Report

Short Course on Publication Management

FACULTY: Nancy Devaux Process Improvement Manager Sheridan Journal Services Waterbury, Vermont Denis Baskin Executive Editor Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry Redmond, Washington Amy McPherson Director of Publications Botanical Society of America Managing Editor, American Journal of Botany Shari Leventhal Managing Editor Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology Derwood, Maryland Patty Baskin Executive Editor Neurology Journals American Academy of Neurology Minneapolis, Minnesota Ken Heideman Director of Publications American Meteorological Society Boston, Massachusetts REPORTER: Ken Heideman Symbiosis with Your Vendors Nancy Devaux, Process Improvement Manager for Sheridan Journal Services (SJS), discussed the various roles production vendors perform. A journals program may need assistance with a single service or task (e.g., graphics processing, copyediting, or proofreading), with multiple services aligned in a process (e.g., article composition, author proofing, and revisions), or with a more comprehensive level of service (e.g., peer-review management or full issue production). There are three primary considerations for a journal publisher or managing editor when seeking assistance from a vendor: effort, cost, and control. Devaux analyzed each of the service categories in terms of levels of effort, different kinds of costs, and to what extent editors want (or need) to maintain control “in the weeds.” Devaux also shared her direct experience (and that of the SJS staff) as to what makes for a great relationship between managing editors and production editors. Via many examples, she made it clear that being in sync on expectations, on the staging and scheduling of processes, on working through changes, and on communication […]

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