A Science Editing Workshop and a Medical Communication Conference: Highlights for Science Editors

As 2 p.m. approached, attendees converged on the conference hall. Some pulled rolling suitcases or bore backpacks, and many wore comfortable travel garb. A speaker glanced at her phone to check the current travel time to the airport. Scanning the room, I recognized a Science Editor colleague, some freelance editors, members of editorial offices, and others who had attended editorially oriented sessions at the conference. I saw on my notebook a reminder to leave for my flight by 3:15. Once the session started, an attendee interrupted to ask, “Can you tell us now when the next edition will be published? I need to leave early to catch a plane.” This concurrent session, titled “What’s New in the AMA Manual of Style,” took place the final afternoon of the 2018 American Medical Writers Association (AMWA) annual conference, held November 1–3 in Washington, DC. The conference was one of several science communication events I attended during a busy autumn. This report presents highlights of 2 of these events—a Kavli Workshop on Science Editing and the AMWA annual conference—with emphasis on content likely to interest science editors. In keeping with some learning from the latter event, I have started this report with storytelling rather than my usual to-the-point opening. Kavli Workshop on Science Editing Organized by the Knight Science Journalism Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and funded by the Kavli Foundation, the recent Kavli science editing workshop, held in Austin, Texas, on September 11–12, 2018, was intended primarily to improve science […]

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