My Last Viewpoint and My Second-Last Issue

Barbara Gastel
Barbara Gastel

Twelve years ago, in 1998, I wrote my first Viewpoint. It was for CSE Views, forerunner of Science Editor. Now, as my final term as editor approaches its end, I am writing my last Viewpoint.

Although 3 years have passed since I announced my departure, I write this Viewpoint with a mixture of feelings. I am sad that an important part of my life is ending: I have enjoyed the continual learning of both content and process. I have reveled in the chance for creativity. I have (usually) relished the problem solving. I will miss working with the editor’s editors who serve on the staff.

I am ready, though, to focus more on other aspects of my life that have grown and developed in the last 12 years. I will welcome the ability to concentrate more on my other roles—including those of professor, writer, family member, and friend. I will be glad to have more time for my international work. Maybe I won’t so often work well past midnight.

Twelve years is a long time. Children who were entering elementary school when I was becoming editor are now graduating from high school. I have edited the Council’s periodical for three-fourths of my married life. I especially thank my husband for his patience and support.

During the last 12 years, the technologies and thus the processes for editing and producing a publication have changed considerably. And with changes in communication technology have come broader and deeper changes in the communication of science. Thus, it may be fitting that this issue contains an article titled “Social Media and Scientific Journals: A Snapshot” (see p 75). Special thanks to intern Christina Sumners for preparing this article and to Editorial Board member Stewart Wills for providing guidance.

Interns have been integral to the Council’s periodical throughout my time as editor. Therefore, I am especially pleased to include in this issue an article, by intern Barbara Mendoza, on our former interns and their subsequent activities (see p 79). Also, the Solution Corner in this issue (see p 94) offers suggestions for hosting an intern.

In keeping with Council practice, the new editor is taking over in May, during the CSE annual meeting. By then, my last issue, that for July–August, will be in production. The new CSE president writes the July– August Viewpoint. And so the current Viewpoint is my last.

When I wrote this Viewpoint in February, CSE was beginning the search for my successor. Now, as I review this proof, I look forward to hearing soon who will be editing Science Editor next. I will work to ensure a smooth transition. And I am excited about seeing Science Editor develop further under the new leadership.

My heartfelt thanks to all who have helped with the Council’s periodical during the last 12 years. And thank you, readers, for your support and encouragement. I look forward to interacting with you in other ways.

Barbara Gastel
Editor, Science Editor