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Knowledge Exchange: Roundtable Discussions


MODERATOR: Anna Jester eJournalPress Rockville, Maryland SPEAKERS: Angie Hunter American Chemical Society Washington, DC Gregory Schwarz American Astronomical Society Washington, DC REPORTER: Taryn Dollings American Society of Civil Engineers Reston, Virginia Publishers are increasingly striving to help authors make accurate and accessible data available not only to reviewers but also to readers. Many are considering workflow changes and new partnerships to help achieve this goal. To this end, this roundtable discussion brought together two experienced professionals to share their perspectives on validating and publishing data. Angie Hunter, Development Editor at the American Chemical Society, delivered a presentation on “Data Review and Initiatives at Organic Letters,” in which she reviewed the journal’s data analysis program. Organic Letters encourages, but does not require, its authors to submit raw data with their manuscripts. In response to often missing and incorrect data (and less often, manipulated data), Hunter and her team have developed a process for the editorial office to analyze data for accuracy and quality. Most of the work takes place once a revision is requested and then submitted. Data is reviewed for consistency with the submitted manuscript, and experimental procedures are checked for accuracy. The editorial office also reviews images for accuracy, legibility, and possible falsification. Hunter emphasized that although edited data or spectra comprise the smallest percentage of data analysis problems, they are often the most time-consuming to deal with. She also emphasized that the response from authors who have submitted edited data or spectra is mostly positive; authors are generally […]

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