José G Merino, MD: On the Little Decisions That Shape the Future


As the new Editor-in-Chief of Neurology®, the American Academy of Neurology’s flagship journal, Dr José G Merino has quite a task ahead of him. Not only has he recently taken the helm of a weekly, international journal that typically receives over 7,000 submissions a year, but he’s doing so in the middle of a pandemic that is rapidly changing how research and scientific discoveries are communicated. To see how he is managing this new position, Science Editor’s Patricia K Baskin, Executive Editor of the Neurology Journals, recently spoke with Dr Merino about his dedication to solid, transparent research and reporting practices while trying to stay ahead of the many changes occurring in scientific publishing. Science Editor: Tell us a bit about your position now and how it fits into the organization. José Merino: Last Spring, I became the Editor-in-Chief of Neurology, the largest neurology journal, because it publishes the most papers in the field of neurology, anywhere in the world. We publish issues 48 times a year, almost every week. And, our reach is worldwide. Our authors and our editors and reviewers are international. My job really is coordinating the work of 8 associate editors in the different areas of neurology and a large journal staff that is able to handle the 7,500 submissions we received last year, along with coordinating peer review and dealing with any editorial issues or controversies that arise. I also oversee the 3 other journals that have spun off from the main journal, Neurology: Clinical […]

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