Gatherings of an Infovore*: What’s Next?


Whether the “new normal” will become our “forever normal” over the next year or two is starting to be examined by researchers and professionals across the spectrum of human endeavor. There is no argument that life on Earth as we knew it is now truly ever-changing. The French saying Plus les choses changent, plus elles restent les mêmes may finally be put to the test. The specific idea for this column came from a report issued in November 2020 by Cactus Communications entitled “Imaging the Post-COVID World of Scholarly Communication.” Authored by senior staff of the various Cactus companies and divisions, it is a thoughtful look at discrete areas concerning publishers. Starting with transforming workflows through discovering revenue streams to incorporating virtual approaches and evolving operating models, they explore the current state of technologies and extrapolate how these will affect our near-term future. You can download the entire report here: Scholarly publishing in the wake of COVID-19 Miller RC, Tsai CJ. Int J Radiol Oncol Biol Phys. 2020;108(2):491–495. Scientific globalism during a global crisis: research collaboration and open access publications on COVID-19 Lee JJ, Haupt JP. High Educ. 2020. Micropublishing during and after the COVID-19 era Yamada Y. Collabra: Psychol. 2020;6(1):36. Editorial−embracing how scholarly publishing can build a new research culture, post-COVID-19 Derrick GE. Publications 2020;8(2):26. Open-access publishing and the coronavirus Grove J. Times Higher Education. 2020. Covid-19 is an opportunity for gender equality within the workplace and at home Wenham C, Smith J, […]

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