Annual Meeting Reports

Use EQUATOR as a Guide

We all need someone or something to guide us. The EQUATOR Network is trying to do just that for health research. Launched in 2008, EQUATOR is an international initiative that seeks to enhance reliability and value of medical research literature by promoting transparent and accurate reporting of research studies. Attendees at the 2011 CSE annual meeting in Baltimore, MD, were updated on EQUATOR. Ana Marusic, co-editor-in-chief of the Croatian Medical Journal, served as moderator and speaker in the session. Attendees were asked to share their journals’ current or planned use of reporting guidelines.

One of EQUATOR’s major goals was to develop a comprehensive online research center. Journal officials can use the EQUATOR Web site,, to keep current versions of the many guidelines available. All too often, a journal’s “Information for Authors” refers to an old version of a particular guideline, Marusic said, and many journals do not date it—something that would help to eliminate some confusion.

EQUATOR’S Web site has information for authors, editors, peer reviewers, and researchers that can be shared. It also has information about current and completed research projects related to health research reporting and upcoming EQUATOR courses and events. The network, Marusic said, can help editors with their job, and she urged those attending to share the Web site with members of their staffs.

MARY BETH SCHAEFFER is managing editor of Annals of Internal Medicine.