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Out With The Old


CSE has long been instrumental in providing critical tools to new editors daunted by the tasks ahead, and in socializing them into a very special fraternity of like-minded peers. Less attention has been paid at the other end of the developmental trajectory. In this Perspective I share some of what I learned during the exit phase of my tenure as editor-in-chief. As a child psychiatrist, I will occasionally quip with my young patients about their life choices: “Out of all the parents out there in the world, you made an excellent choice by selecting the ones you did: well done!” The approach is certainly not fit for every child, but can at times be disarmingly engaging and set off an interview on a positive and shared track. None of us, of course, have any say in the parents we get. And yet, those of us who are parents know that our children have, in many ways, made us who we are; we would be quite different caregivers, and people in general, were it not for their influence. Our children may not select us, but they certainly mold us. I found myself coming back to these generational musings as I neared the end of my decade-long tenure as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Just as I did not choose my parents, I had no say in who my editorial successor would be. Still, I felt like congratulating myself on an inspired decision I […]

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