CSE News

Highlights of the CSE Board Meeting

The CSE Board of Directors met on 23 February 2010 via conference call. Highlights of the meeting follow:

  1. It was reported that CSE’s longtime Web editor, Seth Beckerman, has decided to step down from his position. The description and directives of the Web Committee will be reviewed and potentially revised and will be presented for approval at the May 2010 Board meeting.
  2. Barbara Gastel, the editor of Science Editor, will step down from her position in May 2010. The search for a new editor of Science Editor will commence immediately.
  3. Allen Press and Aptara were recognized for their future donation of printing and production services for Science Editor.
  4. The Board approved a proposal from Job Target to handle CSE’s job-opportunities Web site. The new job site will be more user friendly and offer members helpful information and tools.
  5. The Membership Committee reported on the work of the 10 or so CSE members who established and are promoting CSE’s presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The social-media effort is being headed by Michelle Norell.
  6. The Board voted to transfer the domain http://CBE.org to Congregation Beth El (La Jolla, California) in response to its request. (CSE later received a donation from the congregation to the CSE International Scholarship Fund in gratitude.)