From the Editor

Rebecca S Benner Editor, Science Editor
Rebecca S Benner
Editor, Science Editor

One of the best ways to learn about our field is to network with and learn from others. In this issue of Science Editor, abstracts from the five posters presented at this year’s annual meeting are reprinted on page 39, and we also report on the results of the 2010 CSE Research Survey on page 43. Research is an initiative that CSE and Science Editor hope to promote in the years to come. The survey results offer a window into the interests of your colleagues. I hope you will consider the results and think about submitting an abstract to the 2012 CSE annual meeting or full-length research to Science Editor.

Experienced manuscript editors reflect on their field and the satisfaction that they derive from their craft on page 47 of this issue. We also feature perspectives of the 2011 CSE international scholars, including their daily challenges and accomplishments (p 66). This year’s scholarship winners—Lohfa Bali Chirdan, Angel Magar, and Jerry Godfrey Makama—represent Nigeria, Nepal, and Nigeria, respectively. Each has a compelling story; they are all clearly dedicated and hardworking.

This issue also features a report from the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (p 49), a “Between Author and Editor” column on working with non– native-English-speaking authors (p 57), “The Ethical Editor” column on plagiarism (p 59), and an “Updates in e-Publishing” column on journal apps (p 61). The book-reviews section takes a look at The Best American Science Writing 2010 and Motherhood, The Elephant In The Laboratory: Women Scientists Speak Out (p 53). Peter Warshaw provides a poem, “After Relativity”, on page 63. Finally, we’ve decided to have a little fun in this issue by printing a crossword puzzle created by Laura J Ninger (p 64).

This issue marks my last as editor of Science Editor. I welcome the new editor, Teresa M Melcher (see p 69), who officially assumed the role on 1 May 2011. It has been a pleasure working on this publication, and I look forward to seeing the direction that it takes in the years to come.

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