Announcement: Science Editor Pandemic Dispatches

As announced in the April 2020 Science Editor Newsletter, we’re starting a new initiative currently called Science Editor Pandemic Dispatches, starting with an online form and questionnaire. The global Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic and the international response is affecting almost every aspect of our personal and professional lives in ways that most of us have never experienced. With so much happening and changing. we wanted to create a way to capture your experiences and thoughts as you and your organizations adapt to this ever-changing landscape. Many journals, publishers, and other science communication organizations are not only working overtime to publish up-to-date and accurate information, but you are also likely dealing with changes to work schedules, meeting cancellations, closed offices, and more, including editors, authors, reviewers, and colleagues, family, and friends directly affected by the spread of COVID-19.

If you have an article you’d like to submit, please do so, but many of you may also have brief ideas, insights, or anecdotes you’d like to share: the questionnaire was created to give you the opportunity to provide something outside of the usual article submission process. For example, you may be considering profound shifts in your approach to scientific editing and publishing or pondering the future of scientific communication. Or maybe you’d like to share some ways you’re dealing with remote work and trying to stay sane. We’re interested in collecting everything and anything you may want to share: tips and tricks, interesting anecdotes, light-hearted stories, new insights, thoughts on the future and where we’ll be in a year, and more.

Over the next few weeks/months, we’ll review and collect responses for publication in Science Editor as appropriate. The link to the form, which you are welcome to share with colleagues, is as follows: